Frequently Asked Questions

The information provided here may help streamline your experience by providing instant answers to some common questions you might have. When you are ready, request a consultation or contact us directly, and we will work with you to develop the best solution for your needs. We appreciate your interest in Gift Caboose!

Great question! Instead of an online store, we offer our clients direct access to handle your order personally so that we can come up with something cool that is going to really make a difference. After asking a few questions, we are able to bring your vision to life and make you feel comfortable every step of the way. We believe this personalized concierge approach to our business is what separates us from the others.
Finding the right promotional product for our clients is what we love to do most! And in order to do that, we only need answers to a few questions to get our engines going! These are the questions we will ask you? 1. Why do you need a promotional product? 2. When will you need the items to arrive by? 3. How many items do you need to order? 4. Do you have a specific budget? 5. What kind of promotional products do you want? 6. Are there multiple locations that your items will be shipping to?
We work very hard to ensure that we provide our clients the best service, experience and product possible with each order. We always aim to work with the suppliers that give our customers the best value for the money.
No, not with us. The price we quote you is the final price. No hidden charges will ever occur.
Absolutely! Our shipping rates vary depending on the area where the products will be delivered. Rest assured that our attention to detail in this area will help keep your purchase the most cost-efficient as possible. Want to use your own account to ship via FedEx, UPS or other delivery service? We can do that too.
Yes, our graphic designers can help! Our team is available to assist with all your artwork needs such as, vector conversions, custom product development, creative apparel design and more. Reach out and let Gift Caboose help bring your ideas to life!
You bet! Our capabilities go far beyond cookie cutter solutions. At Gift Caboose, we make it easy to keep your team on the right track.
We believe clients deserve quality products but efficient after sales service as well. We continue to support our clients with any inquires or questions you may have.

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